Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TAG !!

What is ur current ringtone?
slot akasia.

What is your current wallpaper?
gmbr kat pjaya!(tgk jap yer)>

Do u own a picture phone?

If so,what was the last picture you took?
mp5 kuwh!!ngee~~

Go to your inbox and type what the 10th text message says?
owh!secret...mengandungi unsur2 tut...bkn lucah larh.

How many contacts do u have on ur phone?


Who was the last person u spoke to on ur cell phone?
ibu tercinta!i love u lah.

What service do u have?

At this very moment,how many bars do u have for ur service?

Do u have voicemail?

How wany contacts do u have that start with J - Who are they?
1.secret name!yeah!

Who do u call the most?
ibu sy!!=)

How many text messages do u get a month?
hmm,xpernah lak aq kira!

Can u send pictures?

Go to ur SENT texts,what does the first one say?
xder!sbb dh 2 mggu xtpop!wakakaakaka.

What about the 15th?
xder.dh delete.nk cri kt tong smpah xjmpe.ngee

Who's the last person that u called?
abg sy!!

Last person that text u?
mye oh mye.

Last person added to ur contacts?

How many minutes are on ur plan?
dont know larh!

Go down to ur 5th contact,who is it?
abg mamal(abg sedara)

Wanna give out ur number?
xnk!!klo nk mintak sndri.

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